Sunday, November 15, 2009

Things not to do with a girl

Now if the title seems suggestive of something else, please forgive me, but this blog is going to be all about how not to behave with a girl when you are in love. And if at all you started reading this blog thinking that the blog will be like the suggestive title then you have the choice of not continuing.

        Girls- They are very much human like men, but then men would like to believe they are not. A girls mind is one of the toughest nut to crack and even great psychologists have failed in doing so. No i have not even come close to even seeing a girls mind but all i will share with you all is my experience. One moment a girl would be giggling with you and the next moment she would ask you not to laugh as you are embarrassing  her in the public. When you ask her what's wrong and if she says nothing then it surely means you are in great trouble.

         From the above para it may seem you have read and know all of this before hand. Yeah thats true because i have borrowed the above content from an email.Then how about something original?? I was in my second year engineering, happy that finally i was in my dept and wanted to work hard for it. To do publicity for the tech fest of my dept i decided to woo people from non-technical background into LAN gaming. And hence i chose a mass media college(partly because of the sensational crowd they have). I was standing there with a poster hanging from the bench provided when a girl tall and sharp, standing apart, approached me to take part in one of the LAN events. I casually gave her the form, when i collected the form,

   "hey you know we share same surname" i said
   " ohh really, thats so nice, so we from the same small community huh?" she said
   "yeah thats right" i said
   "ok then bbye"
   "yeah bye"

    Then taking advantage of the event i gave her a call written by her on the form, and with that we started speaking on phone and started getting more and more close. One day i received an sms from her




utthappa more than dosa...

I replied , " hey thats an old message, very old infact, send something new" to which she replied " what if i remove the last line??"

 To which i stupidly replied " what, the message will be reduced by a few characters what else??" i laughed out praising my self for the humor i showed. Now who ever thinks that it was indeed a good humor, please learn a lesson, it was the most pathetic way of stopping a girl's intent. Dont ever do that if at all you want to woo a girl, better still, try out a similar reply, or at least say a yes. 

       Now coming to second incident with the very same girl. We had planned to watch the movie DON in a theater, it was a well planned event, a day before that she calls up

  " hey wassup" she said
  "nothing" i said
 " i m really getting bored at this exhibition, would you care to join me here??" she said
 "uhhhh no re, its too far, pakega aane ko udhar"
  "plzzzzzzzz come naa"
   "no yaar, i need to study as well"
  " ok we will meet tomorrow"
  "yeah sure"

   The next day we met for the movie, and i thought it would be better if i could explain her why i didn't  come yesterday.
  "hey i am sorry i couldn't turn up yesterday" i said
   " is okay" she said
   "look its like i was already going to waste a lot of time with you today, so i thought to cover up some syllabus" i said
   "Ohhh spending time with me is a waste of time is it??"
   " uhhh ohhhhh........"

       Gone.....that was the last nail in the coffin. She didn't actually meet me for sometime after that and i actually started missing her. Then finally called me to meet up one day. Along with her their was a guy who looked quite older. She introduced him to me as a building mate. I took it lightly, then a month later she confessed to me that that building mate whom i met was actually her BF. This news really got to my brains, i started behaving a little aggressive with her. I started taunting her for not calling me from time to time and finally she added me to ignore user list on the orkut!!!!. So that was it, 2 yrs ago was the last i heard from her.

        Lessons i learnt?? You always spend time with a girl and it is never a wastage even if you have a  meeting and even all she is doing is shopping for herself. Second, if the girl has moved on with a man, you also should gracefully move on, don't stagnate yourself with a thing which can never happen.

       I wrote this blog in public service for boys and men who are still like my older self. If you found this blog informative, please do comment, if you found this blog a crap, still comment. And girls who are reading this, My new self is a polar opposite of my older self........:)


neeraj said...

Spending time with girl is really waste. I would rather watch "Rakhi ka Swayumvar" than going out with a girl.

Abhishek said...

hehe.......i would rather commit suicide than watch rakhi ka swayamwar

Shubhada said...

i am zapped after reading this.... b'coz i don't know how to react!!!!! f9 it's u r personal incidence

ALISHA said...

What you are highlighting is every individual's perception of what they do is of supreme importance. Every guy feels a cricket/football match is the more important thing in the world.

I understand that your intentions are good! Good comparisons but spare the girls the guilt of enjoying shopping ;)

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