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The phases of life for boys- with girls that is

        When a boy is born in a north Indian family,the grand parents go hysteric regarding a boy being born in their family, i don't know why?? From all my 22 yrs and at least 17 yrs in conscious i don't see a reason for being extremely proud of boy being born in a family, because ultimately intentionally or unintentionally females get more attention than males.

       So i went over the incidences and mindsets i had possessed or most of the boys have possessed over their years regarding girls.

  Phase-I- (0-4 yrs)

     This is the phase of innocence for boys. The girls reading this, believe me or not but all boys are innocent at this point of their life. From innocence stems ignorance for them. Boys are always confused about what a "girl" is. What exactly separates girls from boys. Parents usually have a hard time telling us the difference without dwelling too much into other things(read Birds and bees).

     "mom" i said shouting at the top of my voice after attending the first day at prep
     "what son?, keep your voice low" my mom said
     " What are these girls???"
     "Girls......they are just like you, sweet children but they keep long hair and don't shout like monkeys, like you do"
     "But mom, one of my friend kushal keeps long hair and he is a boy, and anuja keeps short hair and she is a girl" i asked inquisitively
     "ohhh then....well girls are some one who will wear skirts to school and not pants like you do" She said
     "haan, yeah so thats the difference" i said satisfied with the answer

 Phase-II- Primary and may be up to 7th or 8th std 

This is the phase in boys life where he actually hates girls, i know all you girls reading this may find it hard to believe but it is true, Boys hate girls for many things during this time. Guys don't like girls crying all the time. Guys hate the high handed attitude girls have and guys don't like girls getting special preferences.So in short you can say guys are jealous of girls getting pampered by teachers and guys getting the stick all the time. It surely doesn't help if the guy has a younger sister at home who gets pampered all the time( as was the case with me). This actually translated into ultimate hatred for girls in me and many other guys of the class and we formed a union against girls in 4th std( yeah see, we were smart enough to form a union, communism any one?). The main purpose of the union was to ignore girls. And then one day eureka.......

       "Hey abhishek" sneha came up to me putting her hand on my shoulder
       "stay away" i said in a calm voice and at the same time i brushed my shoulder and blew air from my mouth in a sweeping action.
       "What?????? you brushed your shoulder just because i touched you??" she said this and touched again
       I brushed again and what followed was an utter chaos in the school, all the girls were running behind the union guys to touch them( how badly i would give an arm for such a situation now!!!!!!). The whole school turned into a chasing ground for the girls.It was only after the intervention and scolding of the class teacher that we stopped( damn these girls, they got away again, we thought).

       The boys become a little milder by 6-7th but the some hatred still remains.....

Phase III- 9th and 10th

   This is the phase where the guys learn about birds and bees from some knowledgeable sources. And this is when they realize that why girls are the way they are. The two years,that is 9th and 10th go away noticing the changes.

       "Hey look that girl has grown so tall" 1 boy says
       "forget that, don't you think her chest is a little weird?? she is getting fatter" 2nd boy says
       "Dumbo, she is becoming a woman now" some other boy says

  During this phase guys are best behaved with girls or at least most of the guys. After learning about many things they refrain from hitting them( which was very common before), in fact not even touching them, If a guy shakes hand with a girl, it is considered to be a big taboo in the class. Also during this phase we get to see the wannabe perverts,in case girls always wondered when and how, yes it is during this time that many guys become perverts. So these perverts go about trying to grope some of the girls in the school, may be during assembly prayers, may be during the physical training classes. I have to shamefully admit that some guys do this on many innocent girls in the school.

   Phase IV-High school(11th and 12th)

  This is the beginning of the love stories. Yes this is the time when guys take crushes on the beautiful girls who have by now realized what potential they have.The mentality of boys mature too. It is no longer a taboo to shake hands with a girl. This is the time when guys instead of forming hate unions against the girls form the admiration society for all the good looking girls in the class. Although this is the time when almost all guys are shy about their feelings for a girl(a rare sight, a shy guy). The guy will admire the girl from a distance, the girls during this time are at their ignorant best, as they hardly gauge a guys feeling. Basically this is a very non- happening phase, but a phase of significant change.

  Phase V- College life

 Enter college and guys become roaring tigers.They are no longer shy about their feelings.They become overtly practical about feelings for a girl and flirt quite vocally. The girls also start liking all the attention and finally able to understand a guy. The guy on the other hand is now scared of commitment, he believes in flings, sometimes to satisfy a part of his desires( i don't have to elaborate, do i have to??). And this is the time when many guys are at their best for rudeness. The care which they might have shown during their high school days is now missing. A guy may have one or more than one affair or else their are guys who don't commit to any one girl and enjoy a healthy "just friendship" with many girls at a time. This is the most fun filled and also probably the darkest phase in a guys life.

Phase VI- The office 

 Sorry all those who are reading this, the time i was writing this blog i was into office yet, i ll surely write a sequel in a few months as to how things go in a corporate world for guys , with girls that keep reading and keep commenting on my blogs till then..........(geesh i very think i should be in marketing)


Ayushi said...

i did'nt know this much abt boys..

Arpz said...

Best phase is phase 5!!!!!!"just frenshp"

Angel said...

Very interesting
Boys always keep hush hush about "girl talking" front of girls..
So we never knew there were so many stages ;)
nice one..

Ekta said...

wow... awesome one, abhi...
i never knew people can actually think soo much! :P

Abhishek said...

YEs actually boys do think so much about all should be happy naa....

ALISHA said...

What observations!!!! Awaiting the sequel!

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