Sunday, November 1, 2009

College life and the love life......

There has been a lot of debate and discussion on love life should start and how it should start, what is the correct age. But according to some there is no age for love. In hindi movies the lead actress would be head over heals over the boy right from their childhood flashback. That may be possible but i would like to generalize the right age to the college life.

My love life also started in college. No i never got into a relationship, but i fell in love on 1st week of my college itself. The girl a simple one, no make up, salwar kameez clad , armed with books to compensate for the expensive fees of the college with her good grades. I was very shy at that time and hardly could muster the courage to ask her name, all i did was sit on the bench next to hers and look into the attendance sheet to know her name. I was successful at that. I was happy to know that she would be in my batch for practicals. So finally on the first practicals i got introduced to her "Hi i am ............" is all she said, those were the golden words for me. We became good friends, probably because i always helped her with assignments( Ohh yeah i was this sincere student, first year engineering you see). I was so shy i could'nt even ask for her mobile no. and she had to ask me for that.

Her result wasnt all that good, i thought this is my chance grab it and be the pillar. Everything was done and laid, but then came the heart break, i came to know her more and she was those types of girl who does not have any sort of interests in relationships. My dreams were shattered, i never let her know my feelings, she became my best friend and still is, i came to know her, but she still doesnt know me. The golden words that she had uttered have probably become just another set of words for me.

Life moves on and so do we. We cant go on crying and whining over the first love. Love doesnt happen only ones.

Because i have found out that love can happen even in office life, at a family function and even at bus stop.


rishu said...

well i guessed da right name!!!i waznt knwng u can be dat serius man :)

Shubhada said...

LOVE ..... It's a like tree... required nurturing, care, affection 24*7 hr .. highly maintained precious gift... those really understand value of it !!! they enjoyed heaven on the earth... Love is the only existence of life... LOVE.. just think can u able to walk without it... any form of love.... just think once before givin any ans..

Deepti ...An X-ception said...

haan tujhe to kahin b ho jayega ..!!! :P
anyways gud one .. :)

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