Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Love- liability,threat and strength

Uhhhh......Many of you who have read my previous blogs would tend to think, is this guy love starved psycho who goes on and on giving lessons on love???

For those who think so, i would say i do not disagree completely. To those who do not think so, thank you for being the way you are.
To some people the title itself may confuse them, "kya likhta hai yaar", just 5 mins of pure reading and they will realize what the title stands for.

In this blog i ll discuss a story of a girl who fell in love and got trapped in the vicious circle of emotions and drama.

Renuka(of course thats not the real name of the girl), a happy go lucky girl from ahemadabad, decided that she had had enough of studies crap. She was already going for two tuitions for her grade 12th. She decided it was time to have fun and possibly fall in love. As is the case always, girls with determination never fail. She met a guy Arpan and fell in love with him. The guy, an engineer placed with a reputed company and passion for everything he did was enough for her to determine him as an ideal guy. Their love story started on a very sweet note. The guy brought her flowers every week when they met ( you see, she could still meet up only ones a week, damn this Indian education system). Fortunately for the girl, her apathy was over and her 12th grade exams finally got over, it was fun time for her and her BF as well. They started watching more and more of movies, until one day the guy demanded that they watch the next show of the movie they had just seen. The girl thought he must have liked the movie and went in with that frame of mind, alas the girl did'nt know that the guy ran high on passion as well as testosterone.
"ouch, you gone mad, what are you doing" renuka said.
"Shut up, dont you love me renuka" arpan said
"uhhh i do"
"then dont behave in this immature manner"

And from then on the movies served only one purpose. Unfortunately for the girl, her apathy didnt end at movie screen itself.

"Hey arpan, my dad mom have gone to native place"
"then what you waiting for renuka?? lets go to your room"

"No arpan"
You still dont love me renu it seems"

Renuka did'nt have the courage to go ahead and break-up, she loved him but could'nt bear him. One day she finally got a relief.

Renuka's father got transfered to another city and got admission into a college in this new city as well, she thought it was all over with him. She went to him and told him a goodbye.

"Cant you come with me for a movie for the one last time renuka, this will be the last time i get turned on you baby any way??"

She found the new city interesting with nice set of people. And within this nice set of people she found aditya the best. The guitarist of the college's lead band and a senior. The two of them started seeing each other more often and eventually renuka fell in love with the guy, naturally.

But her troubles were far from over, the passionate fellow being true to his nature followed renuka to her city and demanded what he has been doing in the past. The threat, the photographs of the two of them together will be mailed to her parents and put on the social networking sites.

She gave in for few times but then finally broke down in front of aditya, who immediately took a drastic step by calling in the cops. The chapter of arpan was closed for ever.

Aditya till date hasnt touched the girl, hasnt demanded anything from her.

Then what is the moral of the story???

Now you want me to give everything??

Any way i will still give the moral i felt, The girl saw possibly all faces of love. The passion, emotion and threat.

The same feeling of love from someone which threatened her, gave her the strength and support from someone else. Love is a feeling of varied dimensions, isnt it?


rishu said...

true man.story started up wid different dimension n ended up totally in a different manner.gud yaar keep it up!!

Ekta said...

support and strength, well dats d definition of true love... cheers!

Shubhada said...

Love comes with package... If u like rose then u should accepted thrones on it.. U can not seperate it out..

Sudhanshu Tyagi said...

Nice one !!

Deepti ...An X-ception said...

so true...!!!

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