Saturday, October 31, 2009

Always good but never the best

My life has always been this way. I was a 4 year old kid, barely into kindergarten, the teacher told my mom, this kid looks bright he ll excel in the class and may be top it. My mom turned to me and said " Do meet her expectations, she is your teacher". I started believing in my mom and the teacher who said those golden words which started it all in my life. I attended the first day of my class and was seated next to yet another bright boy. So that started the competition. My ma'am called my mom one day and asked her to prepare me for fancy dress as i have very little stage fear. I did so, was applauded but unfortunately i stood second, to the guy who always sat next to me. I was good at poem recitation as well. Took part in it but again stood lame second, no prizes for guessing who. It was time for my final exams. Again i do not have to repeat it, i stood second. It was only 3 years later i realized what i have in store for my entire life when i realized that he came in this world 15 mins earlier than me, and his mom was on the bed next to me.

2 years earlier i was relieved to learn that he is placed in the same company as i am, i could match him somewhere, but again, he did'nt take up the job and is now in prestigious georgia tech univ, i am still sitting at home waiting for the very same company.

So in short i have always been good but there has been some one who has been better than me, to beat me.
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