Sunday, December 27, 2009

Can you get away???


Ruchika had just returned home from her school when she saw a man talking to her father about her being good in Tennis.An air of feeling good filled her lungs,she went into the kitchen and saw her mom cooking hot bhajiya's for the man in the hall room....

 "who is that uncle mom"??? she asked with a mixed expression of happiness and inquisitiveness
 "Ohh that man is the IGP of haryana"???? her mom said, with heavy stress on the word IGP
 "And what is he here for???"she asked, knowing very well what he was here for
 "Ohh he thinks you are very good at tennis, he wants you to be promoted to next level, by the way he is the president of the association as well and you have to go meet him tomorrow" her mom said with a sense of pride

 "Okay" ruchika said with a smile and giggled her way into her bedroom.

       Ruchika went next day to the man's office, full of energy and excitement, she wanted to play for India, and would do any hard work to reach there. She took along her best friend anuradha to witness her praises, but what she didn't know was anuradha was to witness the most heinous crime of humanity. On pretext of calling the tennis coach SPS Rathore sent Anuradha out, when Anuradha came back she saw ruchika crying for mercy and rathore molesting ruchika, Anuradha screamed in a high pitch resulting in him letting go of ruchika.

       SPS Rathore warned ruchika and her friend with severe consequences if they confided into anybody, Ruchika couldn't keep her emotions at bay and confided everything to her father 2 days later. His father was a  rich man and he could not bear his daughter being molested, he filled a police complaint and the result??? No rathore was not arrested,

  • ruchika was expelled the very next day from one of  the poshest convent school for stealing pens of other students 
  •  2 weeks later her younger brother was expelled from the same school on similar allegations. 
  •  1 year later some goons forced ruchika's family out of their home in panchkula, they shifted cities, determined to go on with the case
  •  2 years later ruchika's brother was arrested by the police on allegation of 11 thefts, he was tortured brutally giving him multiple fractures, despite being a minor.......
  • Unable to cope up with the pressure, ruchika hangs herself in her bedroom, all at the age of 17 
          Yes this is the true story of Ruchika girhotra, the girl from panchkula, haryana who was molested by IGP rathore in 1990 at the age of 14 at the pretext of promoting her to the next level, she committed suicide three years later at the of 17.The story seems straight out of an Hindi movie where the villain always has his way,where the sufferer is made to suffer even more until one day the protagonist wins, truth prevails over lies, justice is delivered, Did i say justice???? Thats the only difference between hindi movie and this case, rathore after 19 years of long case got 6 months of imprisonment and Rs 1000 fine and is now currently out on bail.

           Why does a molester becomes a molester??? what is the reason behind it??? Mallika sherawat did her first film amd became famous for some 17 kisses, unprecedented in hindi cinema, the director of the movie was asked why he always has kissing scenes in his movies, his reply was, if he had been in france he would have made art documentaries, but since India is compact and close, he takes out his frustration this way. Nothing can justify molestation of a minor or in fact anyone, but, is our proud heritage the very making of a devil??  Why do so many rape cases happen in India??, and no, i wont buy the hypothesis that Indians are the most desperate men on the planet,its proven otherwise already. Right from an AIDS awareness campaign to a condom ad, all is a taboo in India, the intolerance level amongst us is so huge that the list of don't's keeps on growing, this leads to the making up of a demon, the frustration. I would rather live in a country which has zero cultural values(as we claims our culture to be the best), rather than living in a country where women are molested every minute.

             Now coming to this case, and in general the judiciary system, how fair is our judiciary system??? I would say , naah not quite.....The track record has been poor, jessica lal's murderer almost got acquitted, had it not been for public's intervention. Salman khan is still a free man after running over 4 people, driving drunk and without license, whereas a common man would face jail for a year even if caught driving drunk. And more  recently SPS Rathore being given just a 6 months jail, and a Rs 1000 fine, more surprising is the comment by the judge who claims that Rathore is being victimized.Why It took 19 long years and life of the girl to deliver the judgement?. Why was SPS rathore not booked for abettment  of suicide? that would have invited imprisonment of at least 10 years. Why was he made the DGP of haryana state despite a criminal case going against him and what was Om prakash chautala thinking as a chief minister when he recommended him for the president's medal for great service to police force??

           Questions are many, answers are none. Will the young girl who wished to play tennis for India get justice?? It is time to stand up against this system united, every single drop makes an ocean. I know it is all philosophical, but then philosophy is what drives our lives..........
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Saturday, December 12, 2009

What if "it" happened?

           Part of the credit for this blog I would like to share with the movie buff which resides inside me. I saw three movies in past few months. 2012 to start with, then I saw Dasvidaniya on PC and then recently Paa on the big screen. No these movies don't have anything in common, except for my mind which tries to link up things. So, to my mind, these movies had only one thing in common, the feeling of impending death in the mind of the protagonist(s). 2012 was a movie which showed the impending destruction of earth in the year 2012, Paa was a movie which showed a patient of a genetic disease progeria who would ultimately die. So what would a person do if he knows he dying??

            In the movie Dasvidaniya the protagonist prepares a 'to-do' list before he dies, like buying a car, marrying a girl , hitting his boss along with many other things. Ideally that is what a person should be doing, enjoying his very last moments.

          A friend asked me if all were to die in 2012 along with me of course , what would I do, I made a similar check list, getting married, then buying a good huge car,a huge flat in the south Mumbai area, using all my cards to their limit. I asked my friend, "What would you do??" ,she replied "Is this how things go??"

                 I pondered a lot over her last statement(yeah I wasn't working till then so you see i had a lots of time to spare for any kind of thoughts).A calm human mind free of any stress who is giving a personality test on facebook  would certainly give the answers like I did and probably get a reply suitable enough to publish it to his/her freinds, but a freaked out stressed human mind with the fear of impending death would certainly panic. He could have two ways to go about it, he may either loose his mind and go into depression or would try to frantically find a way to prevent the impossible.  If his relatives and near and dear ones know about the impending death they would be inconsolable and that would further drain out his/her mind of anything cheerful left. If his/her relatives are unaware of anything then although he may get occasionally cheered up but he would suffocate inside thinking over and over again about what impends him. Occasionally he may blame god( if he is a believer) for choosing him, an atheist would probably be critical of himself or the cause that may cause it. Believer or non-believer, criticism for anything and everything will be his part of life. He may become more rude or more soft depending on his persona,  Stress always makes a person temperamental so chances are he may become rude.

                      The person would count his days to death and may finally die a painful death. So what would we do? I am uncertain of the answer. Perhaps, I will go on a world tour, tell my loved ones how much I love them and spend time with them. The character of Anand from the movie Anand comes closest to what I think is the perfect way to leave the world gracefully. Having said that, I also believe that although unknown death is painful for the body, but knowing death is painful for mind, soul and body.

                         May god bless everyone with immortality
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Friday, December 4, 2009

A day in a stadium


Okay so by general consensus, a few things can be concluded, Guys and Girls both don't like Test match, Many guys and a meager no.of girls like One day cricket match, and all guys and a few more no. of girls like T-20 match. Basically i am like any other normal guy who would at many occasions find a Test match very boring( although it can be nail biting sometimes). So when one of my best friend and a passionate and avid cricket watcher offered a pass to me for the test match between India and Srilanka at the brabourne stadium in Mumbai i refused to go on the first day, reason being it was srilanka's batting and primary reason being stadium is far away from my home, but i could not refuse on the second day, primarily because he is the best convincer i have ever met and secondarily because it was India's batting.

                  I reached the stadium a little late but just in time to see our Viru paaji making a century, the crowd went into hysteria and chants of viru viru went louder and louder. Jay took me to the North stand and then i recollected, oh my god this is the costliest stand and apparently the most notorious stand. This was the very same stand from which three people were arrested in 2007 for mocking andrew symonds with monkey faces. I frowned thinking of the menace i had got myself into. I looked around my self and so few good looking girls sitting, that came as a relief as i was prepared for a boring day ahead.

              Viru paaji had just hit a huge six of muralidharan and i stood up to cheer but to my surprise the whole crowd was chanting "Aussie suxx" again and again. I asked my friend why and what is happening, he pointed his finger to the commentary box right on top of us and there he was, bradd hogg the former australian cricketer who is here as a commentator. He at first tried to ignore the comments but he went in and came out and i saw something which gave a very fitting reply to the crowd, a middle finger in his right hand was raised towards the crowd. Although this only raised the chants from the crowd. In the meanwhile dravid was on the strikers end and was playing in his trademark "wall" style.

             It was tea time and i was definitely feeling very hungry, i asked my friend to buy something, but all the food stalls were overflowing with people( Test match at mumbai still draws crowds!!!!), to my relief a food vendor came up with domino's pizza. I heaved a sigh of relief.....

         "Bhaiya, give me two pizza's,small" i said taking out Rs 80
         " Saab it is 200" he said
         "What?????????!!!!!!!" i said in a voice loud enough for the chic sitting a block next to me to look at me.....
         "What else do you think sir, we have to pay license fee to the BCCI, besides we also have to pay the stadium authorities to allow us to work here and get things in"   the vendor said
         " Leave it yaar, we will buy one pizza and enjoy" jay interrupted as i started to say something

     So a pizza meant to feed one person ended up feeding two hungry souls. Since it was not enough, we bought samosa's and cold drinks and we did't argue when we paid Rs 15/ cold and bland samosa and never mind the half cup not so cold "cold drink" which was priced at Rs 20.

       The match resumed and even sehwag's sixers started looking monotonous to me and again the crowd surprised me... "Walk and talk talk and walk" the crowd started shouting with increasing tempo. I looked up and saw a TV production team official talking on his phone. And this time i couldn't stop myself from laughing and couldn't stop myself from joining in the crowd chants.I couldn't stop myself from dancing when sehwag hit a six. Slowly i was getting pulled in to what i considered a few hours back a taboo. I was all pumped up when crowd started with this yelling "Item" again and again. I looked at jay with a quizzing look, he pointed to a girl who was walking behind the boundary towards the cameraman. I could not blame the crowd for this behavior . The girl was wearing a designer outfit with cross cut at shoulder and knee length dress. The dress was black and was well complementing her body( read curves). The girl then looked up with a faint smile towards the stand and everyone started shouting again, but this time it was "Sorry". Although i was tempted to join in, but didn't join in the crowd chants. I didn't want to end up in police lock up(yes the aussie monkey haunted me).

       Finally dravid labored to his half century and with a heavy heart i asked jay to leave along with me. The experience of watching a match in stadium which would have been boring other wise on a TV was amazing. Everytime going to a stadium may be impractical but one such experience is must for cricket lovers.

  PS- 1) For BCCI and cricket authorities....."kyu paisa paisa karti hai, paise pe kyun marti hai"
         2) I tried watching the Test match on TV and i still find it boring......
         3) The north stand i was sitting in had the plushest of crowd with the roudiest of the behavior......
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