Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The White "Sainiks"

     Okay the title may sound a little weird and may force you to think that a long break from blogging by me must have done something radical to my brain. But i would suggest that you hold on for 2-3 minutes to know what i really mean.

         It has been around 12 months since the first attack on Indians started taking place in what can now be easily called as a racial hub of Melbourne and Sydney. It all started with a one-off incident and suddenly it snow balled into a full fledged attack on Indians. Every other day an Indian is attacked and our media doesn't spare a minute before claiming it to be racial.The events reached its crescendo when an Indian was allegedly killed in a racist attack. Rather going into the details of the attacks, let me come to a bigger picture, are the attacks indeed racially motivated? If the attacks were racially motivated then why is it that no other brown skinned or black skinned nationals are attacked other than Indians? I would like to assume that the attacks more out of frustration rather than race. The Australian  economy was reeling under pressure  due to the recession and people like in any other country were jobless. At this time, Indian students who would do any job(mind you, they won't even think about doing the same Job's back home) for a much cheaper rates were preferred by small and big industries alike. Hotels, restaurants and garages started more of Indians, the influx of Indian students in any first world country is never questionable anyway. This obviously didn't go down well with the natives( Who are aggressive any way,remember the cricket team's antics with Indian team?). And this frustration was vented through hostile aggression which later turned into violence. The use of violence is unjustifiable even in extreme circumstances but the frustration if not acceptable is at least understandable.

               Okay so travel back to home and have a look at the financial capital of Mumbai. Its been decades since north Indians or rather any Indian other than maharashtrian is being attacked. It all began with attack on the south Indians in the 1960's to the recent spate of attacks on North Indians by both MNS and Shiv sena alike. Things here have already gone past the crescendo, people have died in this violence.The economy of Mumbai has always been amazingly good with jobs available for almost everybody. Mumbai is a pride of maharashtra but it has been a livelihood of whole India. People from the poor hinterland of UP and Bihar come with their high hopes of getting a job and usually take up any job for just about any salary. The salary, much lower than what a local would demand, whom companies would hire in such a case is anybodies guess. So one can find most of taxi and auto drivers in the western suburbs to be all from UP and bihar, most of the construction laborers and manual labors are not locals. This obviously doesn't go down well with natives, does it?

          Uhhhhhhh..........!!!! Did you find the two paragraphs similar? Yes they are similar and they are because the situations are similar. I don't know what is right and what is wrong. I don't know if the demand of aussies or that of MNS et al are justified. But i find them similar. I am very small person and i saw the similarities but alas , MNS and Shiv Sena with seasoned polticos don't see any similarity. They possibly don't even know if it exists. The MNS threatens to stone the aussies if they play in India. The Shiv Sena won't even let them set foot on the soil of Mumbai. Why? because they have attacked Indians??? ohhh may be then the people they attack are from uganda and not uttar pradesh. According to them Indians have full right of protection and Job in any other country but not in Mumbai. They are standing up for the very same north Indians who they attack blatantly. When sachin says Mumbai is for Indians they call him traitor, but by denying the very statement makes them a traitor themselves.

        All the dear "Sainik" please stop the political hypocrisy, and treat the aussies as equals, they are after all the white skinned "Sainiks" 
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