Saturday, December 12, 2009

What if "it" happened?

           Part of the credit for this blog I would like to share with the movie buff which resides inside me. I saw three movies in past few months. 2012 to start with, then I saw Dasvidaniya on PC and then recently Paa on the big screen. No these movies don't have anything in common, except for my mind which tries to link up things. So, to my mind, these movies had only one thing in common, the feeling of impending death in the mind of the protagonist(s). 2012 was a movie which showed the impending destruction of earth in the year 2012, Paa was a movie which showed a patient of a genetic disease progeria who would ultimately die. So what would a person do if he knows he dying??

            In the movie Dasvidaniya the protagonist prepares a 'to-do' list before he dies, like buying a car, marrying a girl , hitting his boss along with many other things. Ideally that is what a person should be doing, enjoying his very last moments.

          A friend asked me if all were to die in 2012 along with me of course , what would I do, I made a similar check list, getting married, then buying a good huge car,a huge flat in the south Mumbai area, using all my cards to their limit. I asked my friend, "What would you do??" ,she replied "Is this how things go??"

                 I pondered a lot over her last statement(yeah I wasn't working till then so you see i had a lots of time to spare for any kind of thoughts).A calm human mind free of any stress who is giving a personality test on facebook  would certainly give the answers like I did and probably get a reply suitable enough to publish it to his/her freinds, but a freaked out stressed human mind with the fear of impending death would certainly panic. He could have two ways to go about it, he may either loose his mind and go into depression or would try to frantically find a way to prevent the impossible.  If his relatives and near and dear ones know about the impending death they would be inconsolable and that would further drain out his/her mind of anything cheerful left. If his/her relatives are unaware of anything then although he may get occasionally cheered up but he would suffocate inside thinking over and over again about what impends him. Occasionally he may blame god( if he is a believer) for choosing him, an atheist would probably be critical of himself or the cause that may cause it. Believer or non-believer, criticism for anything and everything will be his part of life. He may become more rude or more soft depending on his persona,  Stress always makes a person temperamental so chances are he may become rude.

                      The person would count his days to death and may finally die a painful death. So what would we do? I am uncertain of the answer. Perhaps, I will go on a world tour, tell my loved ones how much I love them and spend time with them. The character of Anand from the movie Anand comes closest to what I think is the perfect way to leave the world gracefully. Having said that, I also believe that although unknown death is painful for the body, but knowing death is painful for mind, soul and body.

                         May god bless everyone with immortality


SWATHI said...

I like it....truly thought provoking!!!!!!!!

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