Monday, November 9, 2009

A night of horror, chance and stink

 It was after four years in the history of our college and branch that an Industrial visit was arranged for. Courtesy the president of the students association of the branch( ohhh thats me!!!!!!!!). It was a four day trip to udaipur and mount abu.

        We checked into one of the best budget class resorts in udaipur, the oriental palace resort which had it all, swimming pool, garden and rooms wer actually row houses. Being a north Indian i have relatives spread all over north India. Before going to udaipur i was put on a condition that i have to visit my aunt their. I decided to have dinner at my aunts place so that i dont miss out on the fun the whole day. I came back to see everyone sitting by a bonefire in the garden, i headed straight to the room and changed into dockers shorts and came to the lawn, but all my close group of friends with whom i also shared the room were coming back, i asked them what happened, they ignored my query and asked me to head straight to the room with them.

  "When did you come??" ashit asked with a hint of worry on his  face
  " Just 5 mins back...why??" i said
  "No i mean how did you manage to go the room alone?? it is so dark here"ashit said with some sweat rolling down his face
  "Ohhh , fortunately i am a grown up man, and besides the room had lights" i said, winking to one of friend
   "It no joke dude,it is said this  was crematorium before" sunand  said
   "Ohh really???" i said giving out a sudden burst of laughter
   "the manager said so,it is believed some of them roam here, and this...this darkness is so haunting"ashit said, fear quite obvious on his face
  "And those idiots are scaring a lot of people by actually placing candles and trying to call the souls" jay said pointing to some of our classmates

   "Now seriously man, chuck it out,souls  would be pissed if they saw our group at all and run away, and even if we all die, we will die together, bharat mata ki jai" i said, to make things  light.
       But somewhere down a fear had gripped me too because the resort was indeed not well lit. I tried to act cool so that others can come out of it. As soon as we reached our room, i started reading the hanuman chalisa, giving some sort of positive vibes, I dont know what worked, was it the well lit AC room or the hanuman chalisa, but we were not much scared now.

         We decided to play teen patti , sleeping was not we had come here for, so this was the best way to spend time.1 pack of cards were used for playing and other pack served as money(ahhh we are always broke any way!!!!!!) I got my cards saw them( i never take a risk of blind), it was 3 spades, 4 spades and 7 hearts, i said pack without a second thought. I saw Sunand with a wicked smile on his face. He must be having great cards i said to myself. Everyone else had packed seeing the way sunand was betting, it was only Rischav who was playing blind after blind, finally sunand asked for a show. Slowly he took out his  cards,
 2 of hearts,3 of hearts, 4 of hearts, it was a colored sequence, and finally with a smile rischav showed his cards, jack queen and king of hearts.

             This was enough for sunand to start with his theories
"look dude, this particular position has something in it" ,he said  pointing to place where  Rischav was sitting
"May be a good person was buried here" ,ashit said,looking worried again

We continued the game, i kept on packing and rischav kept on winning, finally sunand decided that i should sit where rischav was sitting. As it turned out, i still kept on losing,

 "Look there's no theory,i am still losing",i said
"Thats because you have a saade saati on you" jay said
"Its all a chance dude, look rischav is still winning" i said
"uhhhhhhhh whats this stink???" sunand said, holding his nose hard
"yukkksssssssss" every one said aloud
" I am sorry guys, it seems the papad i ate, decided not to get digested" Ashit said laughing aloud

  We all used all kinds of deodorants we had to fend of the stink, but somehow it was overpowering, we decided its better we sleep.The next day we all left for mount abu, leaving the haunted resort , and its stories behind. We continued playing teen patti in the bus train and any where we could play and i still kept on losing, ashit decided not to eat papad anymore and fortunately for us his digestion had improved.

                      The IV is still remembered by whole branch for the fun we had, fortunately only the great moments were remembered. I remember this particular incident because all it took to remove the fear out of our head was 1 fart. 'How a moment can change our life'. If you people have heard this line, please dont accuse me of plagiarism!!!!!!


Sudhanshu Tyagi said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha...............That was hillarious !!!

Awesome !

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