Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Recommendation, money and patience

Now,There are people who have had a brush with the Mumbai university may actually have an idea of its functionality and then are those who dont have any idea may be because they dont belong to mumbai or never had the luck to visit the shrine for students(all puns intended).

My first encounter with the MU was quite memorable. My first sem engineering exams got over and i had promised my father that i wont get anything less than 65%. If at all i got anything less than that i would change my name, after the results got declared i realized how eating your own words can be like eating an elephant, and since that day my dad calls me Mr. hype.

The results for 1st sem had been declared and all i could hear around me was.......

"ohh my god, impossible, this is certainly not my result"
"what the f**k???"
" i am so screwed man"

I was standing in front of results sheet, bewildered and amazed at how expectations and come crashing down in a moment, when a hand patted me at the back and said
"welcome to mumbai university my dear junior"

Apparently she was a female(cute!!!!) who had flunked for 3rd time in mechanics, although i dont know if i remember my result for how much below expectation it was or for a cute pat on my back by an even cuter female.

Cut to 2nd sem results, i decided it was enough and i will check out the photo copy of the corrected answer sheet and see how exactly papers get corrected. The venue for fetching and submitting the form was the university campus itself and the time was early morning, i was the third person to be in the queue for the getting the forms. By the time the counter opened and by the time i was able to get the form and by the time i was able to submit the form, i was standing at no. 145 in the queue for the final submission. Apparently everyone behind me had some source or other and had their way into the queue. My photocopy arrived in two months and those with some recommendations laid their hands on the photocopy well in advance. I learnt the first method in which the university functioned............


I saw a classmate of mine sobbing profusely after seeing her 3rd sem results. I went up to her to console her, She looked up to me and said, "abhishek, i vow to get my way with the results, i wont take it lying down"

I said, "uhhh how is that possible??"
"you just wait"

Two months later not only had she got her photocopy, but had also applied for reevaluation and finally had even cleared the very same subject with better marks without having to reappear for the subject. While my other friends sadly couldn't even lay their hands on the photocopy. I somehow mustered the courage to ask her and she burst out, " I used a language these MU people understand, the language of green crisp money, I threw money and had my way". This was the second lesson for me regarding the MU.


The fifth sem for me had been an ultimate disaster. 45 people in the class of 60 flunked in what was the most easiest subject, reason-tiff with the teacher, that apart, thinking that this was internal correction i applied for the reevaluation, the result of which is yet to come, and this was two years back, i m still waiting for it because i actually don't care for it anymore, The university although says that the reevaluated marks can come to me anytime, I am still waiting. This was third thing which i learnt in dealing with MU......


So all those of you who want to deal with MU, please be vary of the above three things, either you should have great recommendations, or else you should be filthy rich or else you should have patience and perseverance, The limit however for your patience may extend from a few weeks to eternity.


Shivani Shastri said...

i've never been to mum...but cud somehow relate to these things...sigh...
dats how THINGS work ...let it be mum or haryana...

Ekta said...

cool... i had a similar experience too! so can relate to it! even education is business here!

Shubhada said...

I don't wanna speak abt it... u know better wt exactly i have face!!!!!! kuch purane jakhm ubhar ke aa gay!!!!

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