Monday, November 2, 2009

Online love ,any one?

Considering the new trend which the Indians are witnessing in particular, i decided to address this issue as well( No i am no politician but i can at least give my views huh?). Off late we are witnessing a surge in the number of people getting hooked by meeting online. The issue came to limelight when an Indian girl fled her home and ran away to pakistan to find her true love, a love she had seen only on the virtual medium!!!!!. The aftermaths of this virtual love story were not too good, the girls husband died and then harassment by the in-laws, but i wont be dwelling into that much.

A big shot in the arm for online cupid followers was the arrival of social networking sites like orkut and facebook. Those looking for eligible bachelors and spinsters( now who said only boys look for girls, its true vice versa as well, and believe me its true) could easily visit a profile have a look at the profile and add the person. But a more interesting sub-type in this category of were people of those communities or families where intercast marriages are a strict no, and the children of such families dont want to settle for anything less than a love marriage. Orkut very conveniently served the role of a match maker for such people.

The method is quite easy, simple step by step procedure( please dont consider this as a handbook, it may be a disaster). First the guy uses the search engine to fullest by typing ' female (surname) and city'. Ones the girl is seen the next step is the toughest step, to make the girl accept the friend request. For this the usual ploy which people follow is to add them saying " Its so nice to see people of my community online, why not stay in touch and make our community proud" (yeah they will be proud of our match and my efforts ;)). Now the mentality of the girl comes into equation, is the girl really interested in looking out for boys of the community?? if yes then she ll surely see the profile of boy, check out the pictures(is he handsome??), if all suits them mostly a smart girl would reject the request and wait for him to send it again and then add him, you see attitude.

And now comes the most interesting and funniest part. The first chat.

Boy- hi
boy-so wat u do???
girl-well i jus completed my BMM nd u?
boy- oh me i am engineer..
boy-so temme
boy-uhhh......r u like commited??
girl-hmmmm....y u askin?
boy- jus like dat.....tell naa yaar...
girl- no i m single
girl- yy?? y gud?
boy- arre its very rare to find girls so gud as u single any more( flirting started)
girls-ohhh rlly?

So this is how the boy starts flirting and this is how the girl starts to give in. The boy goes on flirting and girl goes on blushing, this thing goes on till they exchange number and then finally meeting up. Then the same flirting continues but this time in the real world. This again continues till the guy ends proposing the girl and possibly marrying her some few years later.

I have seen this for real in my community itself and now the two concerned people are happily married.

But the real question here is, Is the virtual medium of social networking stealing away the charm of real world?

Is the method of finding and loving, really giving the people involved, true love??

I dont think so, but for those who follow this method, they are totally convince about their actions. The debate goes on and so does the match maker orkut. But i really hope that the love goes on and on.


Ekta said...

hmmmm...nothing can match up the real world with emotions and all... things via orkut can never work for a long time...

Shubhada said...

Orkut, facebook or any virtual medium are cardboards!!! we just want that someone should listen our innercrust of heart. same time he or she not sharing any bandwidth of real life emotions... and here we go... Octopus of emotions curled up.. and without any realization, we are allowing someone to enter in real life!!!!! So, it's better to keep cardboard on it's place.. and make best use of it.

Abhishek said...

@ekta and shubada

i agree wid u completely.....i know all this because i belong to a community where marriage outside caste is prohibited, hence i know all this very well

Deepti ...An X-ception said...

100 takke sach ...!!!!

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