Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bull who got bullied

  "Turn around" the 1st boy said in a cold voice
  "No please" he said
   "Dont force us to force you, co-operate please" the 2nd boy said in a sarcastically polite way
    He turned around and closed his eyes tightly waiting with heavy heart for lashes he was expecting...

    "Now strip down" the 1st boy said
    "no........aaaahhhhh" he screamed aloud as he was hit by belt by the second boy
    "I told you not to force us to use force" the second boy said with firm devil intent in his voice
    "please i beg to you" he said while stripping down into nothing
    "oh c'mon don't beg to us, you are an engineer and hence you are not supposed to be a beggar" the second boy said giving a hi-fi to the 1st boy

    Still warm with the belt lash on his back he felt a warm body closing in on him, his heart started pumping hard expecting another belt lash instead of which came something he never expected.......


    He got up screaming aloud, he looked around there was no one, his room mate was sleeping cozily on his bed, He was completely drenched with sweat, His heart was pumping heavily. He got up from the bed and headed straight to the bathroom, he washed his face and looked into the mirror, his face was blood shot. He was not able to forget the series of events which happened to him a week ago. The dreams kept recurring to haunt him again and again of the helpless state he was in. The police and principle of the college refused to help him because both the boys were well sourced and "good students" of a "good college". Even his anal swabs were not enough to convince the police of their crime.

      "Enough" he screamed out aloud in the bathroom and started crying. He was not able to sleep . It was a night he had to take a decision. He could not remain locked in the room his whole life. He had to face  the world and he had to face them, but this time things would be different and he would be different.....

   "Ohhh so you came to college today??" the 1st boy said
   "He was cherishing the experience man, it is a once in a life time experience junior, isnt it??" the second boy said to him mockingly
   "Yeah , it was indeed" he said with a faint smile
   "Is that supposed to mean you enjoyed it??" the 1st boy said
   "Ask him if it were the lashes he enjoyed or the other thing" the 2nd boy said to the 1st boy, laughing hysterically
   "I guess both" he said
   "Lets have an encore then" 1st boy
   "For the old memories sake, see you at the same place" the 2nd boy said
   "Sure" he said
   "And like last time, don't force us to use force" the 2nd boy said with cold expression

  It was a full moon night. The full moon was beautiful but it was still faint in front of the beauty of the new found feeling he was about to experience with those two boys. A feeling of satisfaction and completeness.

 "You came before us???" the 1st boy said
 "I have to turn around, isn't it??" he said
 "You seem to be in a big hurry man" the 2nd boy said
  He pulled his pants down and again he could sense the boys warm body nearing his body. This was the moment he had been waiting for, the moment which was about to give him satisfaction, satisfaction of revenge.
As the boy neared him...

     The second boy was looking at the full moon. How beautiful the moon was, but it was nothing in front the beauty of the feeling of suppressing someone. He suddenly heard a gun shot and a loud shriek from the 1st boy. He turned around to see his junior, he was holding a pistol upside down between his legs..... His body felt numb, he could not face the enormity of the situation, his best friend had just been shot in the groin, his friend was writhing with pain lying in a pool of blood. He reached for him and shook him, he shook him again, "wake up man" he said under his breath. His friend was dead.....

      "You fool, bastard, you killed my friend, you will pay for it" the second boy said at the top of his voice and proceeded to take out his belt but stopped mid way
       "You forced me to use the force" he said pointing the pistol to the second boy's head
       "Now man, don't you think its a bit too much, it was just ragging, senior junior interaction,thats all"  the second boy said in a shaky voice filled with fear
       "Yes, i know, so even what i am doing is a plain senior junior interaction, bye bye" he said in a cold voice
     He touched the pistol on the boys head and pulled the trigger immediately, blood got splattered from the boys head on to his face. The blood was warm and he could feel it. He was satisfied now, and he was complete. He looked at the moon and said, "this is more beautiful than you". Looking at the bodies ,a smile came across his face, the smile converted into a laugh, and then a roar of laughter. The round nose of the pistol barrel appeared attractive and amusing to him, he looked at it again and again. He wanted to have a closer look at the pistol nose. He brought it close to his eyes. He wanted to feel this round nose of pistol. He was the king of the world now, immortal and undefeatable, he touched the pistol nose to his forehead, his fingers went slowly to the trigger, his heart after what looked like an eternity started to pump heavily again but he could not stop himself, he knew he had to do it, this was what he had planned and this was what the destiny had planned for him. Slowly he pulled the trigger and soon he could feel a force entering his head. Thats the last he remembered, he could not see or feel anything anymore.

Next day newspaper cutting-

           "Last night in freak incident, three boys from RSNP engineering college died here on the terrace of the boys hostel.Dhananjay roy was a first year student from mumbai, the other two Shantanu mallik and Chriss Joseph who were third year students are said to be belonging to well to do families from delhi. It is apparently believed that the Dhananjay was mentally unstable and brutally murdered the two boys who were just having a night out on hostel terrace. Finger prints on the pistol are of dhananjay roy who apparently stole the pistol from one of the guard standing on duty here. Dhananjay then in a fit of mental instability shot himself on the forehead. The college authorities and local police are investigating the case and promise to reach the depth of the issue very soon.


Amrita~Ams said...

lengthy...but suspense made me read :)
nicely narrated..
i dont believe its ur first attempt :)

Abhishek said...

Hehe everything happens 4 da 1st time i ll cut the length to suit every1s taste....

Arpz said...

i think u shud actually start writing novels.u really integrate story very nicely!!

rohit said...

awesome man..:)

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