Friday, November 6, 2009

Placements-Life before and after

       For an engineer, campus placement is a big thing, it ensures that you lay your hands on a good job well in advance, and for one, you wont have to be in a hindi film like situation where the elder brother of the hero walks around in scorching sun with his certificates in hand. The packages in the bonanza are, good impression on the teacher, automatically you can see a change in their otherwise stern attitude, and that gives a possible hope for better internal marks. The other thing which comes along with campus placement is that, juniors start to respect you, and when a cute looking girl who you thought never knew you, approaches you for small talk on the adventures of placement, it all feels great.

           It was the starting of 5th sem and one of professor said something very important,
 " you may have cleared all your sems, but dont screw this sem, trust me no company will look at you"

I took those lines seriously and started working very hard(only for a day or two). Then one other professor said,
"Just being a bookworm wont help, start solving aptitude, if you see a car, read its number and try to find a mathematical relation in it"

Trust me I actually did that while travelling in bus for around 2 months. Then I got fed up of it all and gave up. I decided to concentrate on sem first. 5th sem came and went like all other semesters, and now was one of the most troublesome time for me. My building people would often stop me and ask.....
"son, this is your placement sem naa? when is the company coming???"

       That was routine for almost a month, believe me its not easy staying in a colony full of nuclear scientists.Finally my wait ended, Accenture announced that it will be coming in three days for campus placements, I was relived, only because I would have an answer to the queries of my building people,and  preparing in three days was impossible. Still, as engineering is based on optimism , I could see all the toppers of all the branches sitting in a huddle cracking RS aggarwal and shakuntala devi. Those thick books were always beyond my comprehension. The D-day came, I don't know if it was hook or some sort of crook that i cleared the apti test , rest was easy because I am always good at chit chat.

     Then came the best part of the campus placements, I was amongst  the only 2 students from my class to get selected. The second thing, the person who got selected with me was the hottest and probably the only chic in my class. The third thing was seeing my name on the notice board for being placed. The forth thing was    that the best looking junior approached me for notes( she is still very much in touch with me!). The fifth thing was all the people in my building stopped asking me anymore regarding the placements.

    Barely 1 .5 yrs after the placement came the most haunting part. The very same building people started poking me again.

" Arre son you were placed naa??? which company??? "
"haan accenture accenture, what happened to it?? when are they calling you??"
"Dont know uncle, i am waiting"

My relatives from all the nondescript places would call up and ask me when i am starting my job and that they need something out of my first salary, now if i spend all my first salary on them, how will i buy a new mobile for myself???.

Then there are some super worried seniors who love to play the role of guardian angel. Advices flow from all direction.

"look dude, do some course in CCNA"

"I would advice you to take up dot net and java"

The same uncle met me at the same place the next month asked me the very same question( damn these nuclear scientists). The next month he again met me and this time i told him that if and when i get my job, first box of sweet will come to his place, thankfully he hasn't haunted me with the same question again.

    The placements has affected my life for sure, positive or negative remains to be seen. The last time i got flooded by haunting questions( 6th sem) accenture came to my rescue and placed me. Now i am being haunted again,

               Accenture , are you listening?


rishu said...

dnt wrry dude.u will soon recv a call yaar!!!

Mrudula said...

hmm wait another year dear..lots of such ironies in d offing ;)

Amrita~Ams said...

the first thing i did after getting placed was to dump that RS Agrawal book..
yes i m damn bad at aptitude thing :(
i enjoyed reading this post :)....
lyf is same here :D...
i hope company read this...n respect ur emotions..;)

even now a days i hate ppl who say...
"beta enjoy this tym...u wont get this back :|"..
wtf..vo kya jane free ho hokar bore ho gaye..ab :| toh

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