Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bull who got bullied- II

       This blog of mine won't be a short story like the previous one....ohh by the way if some of you have missed my previous post, it was a short story on ragging, and it was kinda prelude to this blog. Since you have already taken the efforts to visit my blog and then please read the part-I to able to find a  link with this blog( i know its torture, but 5 mins of your precious time and a nice comment will make my day....uhhh i guess i should be in marketing).

      Before you start abusing me for veering off the topic, i ll snap back to the topic, no, its not ragging, its a wider issue of bullying. Bullying in a simple way can be defined as a process in which a more powerful person suppresses a weaker person to have his/her own way and the person who does that is known as a bully. Bullying  can be at any range and level. Even in small preps where a stronger kid may snatch tiffin to big corporate offices where a boss or colleague may bully people.Bullying may sometimes be funny and sometimes lead to dire consequences.

                A very common example of bullying is in local trains of mumbai. Yes its just another public transport, but for those who use it daily,its almost like a second home for them , and for some of them for whom it is a second home dont like it when they have to share it with some one new. In such a case they may not allow the person to board the train or else ask a person to vacate the seat for him/her(yes women are big time bullies as well, in case you thought why i used "her"). Bullying is very common in school and that is where it reaches dangerous proportions. Because a child's mind is like a dough(i know, its an old saying but very true), it can get molded any way we want. Bully or the one who is getting bullied both of them suffer.

              Now my previous post was loosely based on an incident which happened in gurgaon last year in school. Yes the person involved was my name sake(Abhishek tyagi). This particular name twin of mine was a big time bully in the school and stopped at nothing to bully two kids into frustration. The two poor souls started going into depression and worse still, their parents were not aware of anything of it. The two of them decided to set things straight with the bully. The carried a hand gun to school and shot the big time bully in a secluded place taking turns.( uhhh by the way it really feels scary when you hear that some one who shared the same name as yours actually died, and more so when it is splashed all over the news). The big bully died and the poor souls put into even poorer remand home. Result?? Everyone suffered, right from the kids, their families and even the school.

           Now what explains a bully's behavior?? Unfortunately i took up science and further still engineering , so i could not take up psychology or psychiatry. But from what i have seen and read, i believe that a bully becomes a bully because he has been at some point or other in life been a victim of bullying. It could be his parents, teachers, boss and sometimes even by life that he could have got bullied. The rule of nature is simple, the powerful suppresses the powerless. So someone bullies a person and in turn he bullies some one else and so the hierarchy goes on. Then the question is, why is everyone not a bully. That is because bullies are mentally not strong enough to handle the pressure of being bullied and hence they take out the frustration on someone less powerful than them. Those who are able to handle the pressure don't resort to bullying the powerless.

          Is bullying a psychiatric problem?? yes, indeed it is and it can be solved, but then how effective the solution would be. As long as the rule of nature exist, the bullies will continue to exist and as long as such bullies exist, the weaker people will continue to crumble or take drastic steps as survival instincts........


neeraj said...

people who bully are insecure and want to hide their insecurity by imposing themselves on others. It is related to psychology in someway but in most of the cases it is the fun of commanding others and making them act on your wishes. People also bully to delineate their tough and macho image to others and to install fear abt them in others.


Arpz said...

Derez no shortage of bully in dis world.but we cant even deny da fact dat dere r som ppl like u who hav humanity still residing within dem n so dey publish such touchy blogs :-)

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